The FCV Forum is an opportunity that does not exist elsewhere: a retreat from the day-to-day, where a select group of the nation’s top healthcare CEOs across payor, provider, tech, and consumer verticals come together in a one-of-a-kind setting for inspiration and leadership.

Healthcare is in the dawn of a new era: one that must feature a progressive industry forging a dynamic path.


At the invitation-only Forum for leadership across healthcare EES was challenged to provide a “walls down” gathering to blend diverse perspectives and innovations from other corners of our economy to create a fresh new dialogue around healthcare. 

The event had been booked and postponed due to the venue not opening as planned so they needed a fresh perspective and professional work ethic of a team like EES to bring the inaugural event home!


EES took the pieces that had already been tentatively planned before the event was postponed and honed them bringing new creative ideas for logistical elements and proven and trusted relationships to collaborate and create this high-end experience for the exclusive invitation list.


The FCV Forum cultivates a unique experience where leaders from across healthcare and beyond come together in an invitation-only setting to understand the big-picture trends and more importantly, to develop connections with each other and foster a community of innovative leadership.

Our client’s agenda is focused on interpersonal connectivity, with ample opportunity to establish new relationships and foster long-standing friendships.



Sold Out Rooms at the Venue

Amazing Slate of Speakers

Exclusive Attendees

Invaluable  Networking Opportunities

Reviewed bill for inaccuracies and mistakes saving the client time and money

Opened doors for sales to future clients/stakeholders



Event Logistics + Strategy

Event Design

Graphic Design Services

Venue Management